Hi there. I’m Jo. Thank you for stopping by.

Is there anything more beautiful than a crisp sheet of paper and a well balanced pen on a desk cleared for the day’s work? Is there anything more terrifying?


One way or another, I spend a lot of time thinking about writing; whether it is for my day job (not to be mentioned again), as a reader, a researcher (I admit I am a perennial student), or just for the joy of seeing words and ideas come together.

I love the process of writing. Even when it leaves me frustrated and doesn’t seem to have worked in quite the way I imagined. The same goes for my experiences as a reader.

So, why am I here? This is a space where I plan to think aloud about various writing projects – and reading experiences – that come up in my life. Well, my life outside my day job.

Some housekeeping (there’s always some housekeeping)

You’re welcome to do some thinking aloud of your own. I’m happy for you to disagree with me but please be aware that I aim for this to be a safe space – for myself and any readers who happen along.

In short, I’ll be keeping the site clear of any comments that contain threatening, abusive or inappropriate language. I’m also not up for advertising or spamming via comments.

I don’t want to be schoolmarmish about this. I just figure it is best to put it out there.



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